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Crisis Text Line is a non-profit tech startup focused on mental health. We've built our own platform for engaging with people in crisis (think: suicide, self-harm, domestic violence, etc) via SMS, Facebook Messenger, and other messaging applications using standard, open web technologies. Every decision we make, every hire, every product is about helping people in pain and doing it with greater speed, accuracy, and quality.

Crisis Text Line has experienced impressive organic growth. We’ve processed more than 65 million messages in under 5 years. The team is 80+ full-time people. In the next 18 months, all of those numbers will double. Our goal? Help 1 billion people around the world in the next 12 years.

We’re looking for a Product Manager who is excited to partner cross-functionally to support people in crisis and save lives at scale!

We manage a mental-health marketplace of sorts - think of us as the Uber or Lyft of Crisis Counseling, with texters as the passengers and volunteer Crisis Counselors as the drivers. We train Crisis Counselors to help move texters from a moment of crisis to a moment of calm. Our Crisis Counseling Platform is the vehicle that connects them. Behind the scenes, full-time Supervisors practice mission control, overseeing all conversations, while Coaches support our Crisis Counselors by teaching best practice, responding to concerns and supporting the whole Crisis Counseling experience, both on the platform and off.

The product team at Crisis Text Line builds for all of these groups - keeping texters, Crisis Counselors, Supervisors, and Coaches in mind as we solve problems through innovative product solutions. As a Product Manager, you’ll report to the Head of Product and will oversee a portfolio of products and features that contribute to our growth.

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